Here's a selection of my artwork, from image comps to 3D rendering to illustrations. Click/tap on a selection for details.

Baby on Tile Santa List Carpet Fiber Fish Barrowsash Art Vintage Truck San Fransisco Parks Poster Gecko Tango Dellington Map Kinabalu Mr. Clean Goodmany Arts Watch

- Image Composition -

Instruction: "We need a Facebook post with this baby on matte tile instead of wood, with a snappy heading."

Here is the final image and an animated gif (low color-depth) showing the major steps I used to create the piece.

- Santa's List -

A Facebook post image I created promoting Stanley Steemer® Gift Certificates.

- Fiber Illustration -

An Infographic illustrating carpet fiber wear and protection for Stanley Steemer®

- Fish Illustrations -

Built for my children's exploration and learning game, these illustrations occupy the ocean's reef and dea sea zones. Each fish is added to the explorer's catalog when "photographed" during a submarine dive.

- Barrowsash Poster -

Cover illustration for a children's story

- Vintage 1934 Model A Truck -

An image I created for a vintage automobile website

- San Fransisco Parks -

A Poster I created promoting San Fransisco Parks

- Gecko Tango -

Cover illustration for a children's story

- Dellington Map -

Map illustration for a children's fantasy book

- Kinabalu -

An Asian dragon image for a fantasy website

- Kitchen Cleaner -

An image I built for a kitchen cleaner review page

- Goodmany Arts Watch -

An animated Photo Illustration for my website. It's been keeping good time for many years.