Here are a selection of animations I've created using a variety of technologies including; Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, CSS3, Javascript and various rendering applications. Click/tap on a selection for details.

Soot Piggies Shimmy Merry Elf Goodmany Arts Watch Character Walk Notes2

- Soot -

My little shelf monster.

- This Little Piggy -

This is a video clip of a Flash children's read-along project with lip-syncing.

- Shimmy -

This is a video clip test of Adobe Character Animator.

- Animated Gif Email Graphic -

Developed for emailings promoting the Facebook-based 2015 Holiday photo contest. My animation featured this "mischievous" elf, purported to have caused the entrants' household messes. "Say Cheese!"

- Goodmany Arts Watch -

An animated Photo Illustration for my website. It's been keeping good time for many years.

- Character Walk -

A looping gif, testing my walk cycle animation for these 3D characters.

- Animated Background Texture -

Sometimes an interesting, yet non-distracting, background texture may be just the thing to add a bit of flavor. Here's one of my lightweight CSS-animated seamless textures.